Know me

Welcome to Expressions Handcrafts. I am Adesh Srivastava, a self taught crafter and homemaker. I am from India, residing in North West Arkansas, United States.

My interest in craft led me through various short courses along my journey, where I kept polishing my skills. Most of my understanding around art & craft started and developed while taking  basic art and multimedia short courses more than a decade ago. It has been a continuous exploring and learning process since then. 

My art work mostly includes clay art pieces (I work with both polymer clay and air dry clay depending on my project), although I enjoy playing around with other mediums (crochet) too. Clay is something with which I started working around nine years ago, and now it has become my paraphernalia.

Being a crafter, I love experimenting with various mediums. It’s difficult sometimes to limit yourself to just one medium without  experimenting with others:)).  Many a times the kid in me surfaces:), and I have fun playing with papers too. I will keep sharing those experiments here. So stay tuned!!!